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Heroin Addiction Treatment 877-463-1658 Heroin Drug Rehab Morphine


Heroin Addiction Treatment 877-463-1658 Heroin Drug Rehab Morphine – Heroin Addiction Treatment 877-463-1658 Heroin Drug Rehab Morphine, helping all of those suffering with Heroin addiction to get th…


Miley Cyrus' BFF Laughs At Demi Lovato's Drug Addiction! See The Filmed Diss

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… this is too naughty! Miley Cyrus' bestie/assistant Cheyne Thomas apparently thinks life threatening drug addiction is just HIGHlarious. Cheyne seemingly used Demi Lovato's ultra brave recent interview about her cocaine habit as inspiration for a …


Help is available for heroin users

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What happens, after they leave a center, they pick up on their old activities and learn new habits that make the difference of a person not being able to kick the heroin addiction”. Despite the lack of regional specialized facilities, there's an …
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Whats the Difference Between a Therapist and a Psychiatrist?

Question by partypooper: whats the difference between a therapist and a psychiatrist?

Best answer:

Answer by Kacey
A psychiatrist has a medical degree (M.D.) and can prescribe medications. A therapist is not a medical doctor but usually has a degree in social work or psychology or pastoral counseling. A psychologist may have a master’s degree (M.A.) or may have the higher Ph.D., which entitles him or her to use the title “Doctor” with their name. Most states require psychotherapists to be licensed before they are allowed to practice. Otherwise anyone could “hang out a shingle” and claim to be a therapist without having any training in counseling or other necessary knowledge.

Psychiatrists usually treat serious mental illnesses, often with medications, although sometimes they do talk therapy and counseling with people who have more ordinary conditions such as depression or anxiety. Psychotherapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists may practice particular approaches, such as cognitive therapy (which is often of short duration compared with talk therapy and may be called “brief psychotherapy”), NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), neuro-feedback therapy, hypnotherapy, family therapy, etc., depending on what is suitable for the individual client.

I Was Fired for Bringing Up Major Safety Violations at a Summer Camp. Who Can I Contact About the Violations?

Question by Katie: I was fired for bringing up major safety violations at a summer camp. Who can I contact about the violations?
I was recently hired to work at a local summer camp, which is a big fundraiser for a Humane Society. After I started working there, I was appalled at the number of really unsafe practices that went on in the camp. For example, the shelter refuses to buy bathroom supplies like paper towels, toilet paper, or soap, so the kids have to make do without. The “play area” is the dog training area, so the kids are sitting, laying, and playing on a floor that dogs urinate and defecate on daily (it is never mopped, just swept, and messes are sprayed with a non-bleach cleaner and wiped up with paper towels. Extremely unhygienic.) We also share our camp/shelter facilities with the general public, and it’s only a matter of time until a kid ends up in a hallway, bathroom, or unoccupied room with a pedophile-they have no idea who is in the shelter or where at any given time, and with 20 kids moving around the shelter all day, it’s easy to glance away at just the wrong second. Nor do any of the regular shelter staff have to go through background checks or screenings, and again, they’re with the kids all day every day.
Camp leaders don’t receive any training at all-we were told to make it up as we go, so there are no emergency plans, no training in child abuse or blood-borne pathogens, there isn’t even basic emergency numbers or supplies-we have one box of band-aids. The HS won’t pay for more than 2 staff (now down to one), even though the camp runs 8:30-5:30 M-F, so they recruited “junior counselors” who are 15-17yo to “help” with camp. These volunteers have no training, and because of the way camp is set up and scheduled, the kids are frequently alone or in small groups with just one or two junior counselors. As a teacher, that scares me for the kids and the JC’s. One false allegation by a kid, and that teenager’s life will be ruined.
Finally, the administrators decided to allow extremely high-need Special Ed kids into camp without any advance warning or planning time for camp leaders, so we were faced with violent children and no training or guidelines in how to deal with them. I have bruises from being kicked, shoved, and bitten. Our only directive was that we couldn’t send them home for any reason. I think camp is great for all kids, regardless of ability level, but to put high-needs kids into a camp with no planning, preparation, and ridiculously low staffing is a guarantee that a kid or camp leader is going to get really hurt.
When I started raising my (many) concerns about the kids’ safety, I was fired. I contacted the state child care licensing agency, but they said they are really backed up with reports, and have no idea if they’ll make it out there before the summer is over.
Personally, I’m just glad to be out of that hellhole, and that I escaped without getting in trouble for what was going on there…but I’m worried about the kids who will be there the rest of the summer. I feel like a jerk just walking away knowing that they’re in danger of being hurt, molested, or of getting really sick from the filthy environment.
Does anyone know of anyone else I could call or file a report with to try and get these issues addressed?!

Natural Remedies for Brain Damage After Drug Abuse?

Question by Liza Shevchuk: Natural Remedies For Brain Damage After Drug Abuse?
My older brother has done many drugs from about 16-21. Its been a year since his last use, and he’s been having some serious problems. He has high anxiety and he’s been having frequent episodes of “weird” (as he calls it) feelings. He doesn’t label it as feeling sick. During these episodes he feels jittery, emotional (even cry’s sometimes) out of control, his heart rate goes up. This also causes him to have insomnia. Maybe they’re panic attacks, but the thing is, what triggers it? This occurs randomly on a normal day. We believe its typical withdrawal symptoms, because he abused quite a few drugs. (Marijuana, cigarettes, ecstasy, crystal meth, shrooms, hookah, cocaine, inhalants, “uppers” (as he calls them))
He has gone to see his doctor several times to get treatment, and his doctor said he has migraines.
He prescribed him anti depressants and that didn’t help my brother AT ALL.
He does this herbal drop treatment (echinacea, other oils, etc) That help him sleep.
Now we’re trying to find him herbal remedies that would help repair his brain damage from all of the abuse he has done to it.
Thank you very much.

Marriage Counsellors – Deakin Ilona Nichterlein


marriage counsellors – Deakin Ilona Nichterlein – Ilona Nichterle…


UNL study links good health to good marriage

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Understanding the impact of a bad marriage on health or the effect of sickness on a good marriage can aid medical doctors and marriage counselors, said Hollist, director of UNL's Marriage and Family Therapy program. Researchers surveyed more than …
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Marriage joys and regrets revealed

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Often those clients will just be having a hard time and six months later their marriage will have completely turned a corner. ''Most things can be worked through with counselling but if there are more lows than highs that's the point when you might …
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Whats the Difference Between a Therapist, a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist?

Question by rinnasaurusrex: whats the difference between a therapist, a psychologist and a psychiatrist?
I might be interested in going into going into one of those professions, but I need to know the difference first. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by brwn97eyes
A therapist can refer to anyone doing any sort of “therapy.” This can even be physical therapy, occupation therapy, whatever. In the mental health field, it usually refers to people such as licensed social workers, who have a master’s degree, or a marriage and family counselor, who also has a master’s degree. It can even refer to a psychologist or a psychiatrist if they are doing psychotherapy with a person.

A psychologist is an individual who has specialized training in treating emotional disorders. There are also psychologists who are academic professors who are not “clinical” or “counseling” psychologists and do not do “therapy.” A psychologist has to have a Ph.D or Psy.D, which is usually at least 5 years of training past a bachelor’s degree.