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I’ve Come to the Conclusion That I Need Maritial Counseling but I Can’t Afford It Right Now and My Spouse?

Question by Tigerlily: I’ve come to the conclusion that I need maritial counseling but I can’t afford it right now and my spouse?
probably wouldn’t participate in it anyway. So what can I do to improve things in my marriage? Is there a website or book I could read? Are there just some general things I could do? Ultimately I would like to go for counseling, but I don’t see it happening within the next few months, and I’m ready for some things to change right now.

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Answer by Michelle
All I can say is GOOD LUCK! Some of my husbands habits also drive me nuts and we too can’t get to marriage counseling, and he wouldn’t go if we could… So, I am on that boat sister! Michelle

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What Are You Suppose to Do if You Feel You Have Nothing to Live For?

Question by ._.: What are you suppose to do if you feel you have nothing to live for?
I have depression, I have anxiety disorder… My parents won’t help me with it, for years now I’ve been trying to get them to help me get treatment, I cry every night and contemplate suicide and cut myself. Most of the time I don’t really know why. I just don’t feel like I have anything to live for anymore. I am truly convinced that if things don’t get better for me in the next few months I will for sure, absolutely kill myself. All of my friends are just…unhelpful or mean… I just want to meet some energetic happy people to be around. My family, besides my parents and aunts and uncles is pretty much gone and I don’t really even talk to them. My brother hates me. Most of my family thinks I’m a brat…when really I’d like to think i’m nice to everyone… all I do all day is stay inside by myself because my parents are at work and its driving me insane. Also whenever I tell my parents I want to do something with my summer, or my life in general, they put it down. I say I wanna join a club…a sport…or even get a job and they just laugh and say no like I’m out of my mind. I’m like guys, I SIT INSIDE ALL DAY. Wouldn’t it be nice for me to do something productive? When I do nothing all day, I get even MORE depressed with my life…

TWINLESS: A User’s Guide to Grieving – Group Therapy


TWINLESS: A User’s Guide to Grieving – Group Therapy – Some approaches are more constructive than others. Full show at Camden Fringe 09, 9th & 10th August and Free Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, 23rd-29th August.


'They have told us all lives are lost,' says relative of Malaysia Airlines

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For many, who have waited and hoped for more than two weeks for signs of life from their loved ones, the grief was too much to bear. "They have ….. Family members have tended to move in groups, Sidner said, clinging to one another for support …
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Bo's Place offers grieving families a place to heal

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Do Wellspan Behavioral Health “Early Recovery Groups” Drug Test?

Question by sam: Do Wellspan Behavioral Health “Early Recovery Groups” Drug Test?
I got a DUI last July and as part of my punishment I was ordered to get a CRN and drug and alcohol evaluation to determine if I needed any “counseling” or to attend group therapy. My therapist at Wellspan Behavioral Health told me that basically anyone who gets a DUI is required to attend some sort of counseling. She put me in what is referred to as Early Recovery Group Therapy because she felt it was just a mistake that I made and I do not have an alcohol problem (haven’t drank since the DUI). The group therapy is weekly one hour long sessions. I was under the impression that I would be getting drug tested (no one said this to me, I just kind of assumed). I have been to 2 meetings so far and have yet to be drug tested or see anyone else get drug tested. It seems like we just talk things out and discuss addiction and yada yada yada. I’m basically just asking if anyone has experience with these courses and can tell me if they do in fact drug test? Once again, I am attending the EARLY RECOVERY group sessions at Wellspan Behavioral Health. Thanks guys!
oh! and i’m not sure if this makes a difference but the group therapy is for 12 weeks – 12 sessions 🙂
I am asking because regardless of whether or not I do drugs I would like to know if I am being drug tested…. SO CRAZY RIGHT. If you don’t have an actual answer to my question, don’t answer it! Thanks 🙂

Teen Eating Disorder Treatment – Advice to Other Parents – Center for Discovery


Teen Eating Disorder Treatment – Advice to Other Parents – Center for Discovery – A mother with a teen daughter dealing with an eating disorder gives her advice for parents considering residential treatment for their teen. She talks about …


Students, Counseling Center should provide group therapy for eating disorders

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Syracuse University's Counseling Center provides group counseling for a variety of issues such as stress, anxiety and drug and alcohol addictions, but it should also provide one for eating disorders. National Eating Disorder awareness week started on …
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Fair sheds light on eating disorders at University of Northern Colorado

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Is There a Way to Kick a Marijuana Addiction Without the Resulting Depression, Mood Swings, and Other Miseries?

Question by Eric R: Is there a way to kick a marijuana addiction without the resulting depression, mood swings, and other miseries?
I know experts say that there is no such thing as a marijuana addiction, and that is JUST charming, but back in the real world, I need answers.
Every time I try to quit, I get plagued by depression and bad moods.

“…but marijuana is a depressant. You should feel better.”

Once again, a charming sentiment, but that’s just not the way things work.
I’ve lost friends, jobs, and a social life in my attempts to quit…and by “social life” I don’t mean sitting on the couch with my stoner friends. When I go without, I get so depressed that I don’t want to go anywhere. A lot of working at a job has to do with being nice to others. Whenever I try to quit, I get angry really easily. I’ve lashed out at friends, co-workers, and even customers, when otherwise I would have been very nice.