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Sanity, Love and Support


Sanity, Love and Support – When Karen’s husband became ill, she found a caring, supportive community at Hospice Kingston.


Internet based intervention proves effective for people with PTSD, grief after

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A paper published in the current issue of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics reports on the usefulness of an internet based intervention on people who experienced grief after loss of a child during pregnancy. The loss of a child during pregnancy causes …


Kashmir agonised at Madeba's loss

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Madiba held in very high esteem by people of Kashmir for unstinting support the South African symbol of belief extended to suffering people of a devastated nation. Nelson Mandela member of the clan … Kashmiri leaders fighting for Indian occupation …
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'I feel cheated that suicide has taken my two brothers'

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It's a completely different loss. You've been there for one another, you've covered up for one another as teenagers." Both of Mary's brothers took their own lives. Neither had a history of depression. Darren was 19 when he killed himself in 1991, and …
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Paul Walker's grieving mother Cheryl is pictured for the first time since

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Cheryl was instrumental in developing Paul's acting career at a young age, taking him to magazine and TV commercial auditions and hired as a child model, which helped to financially support his large family. Pictured for the first … Her appearance …
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