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Rate My Rap Verse Off My Album(1-10) Copyright?

Question by : Rate my Rap Verse off my Album(1-10) Copyright?
Every eve-why don’t you hear me yellin and wailing?”
I’m scaling` and tailing the railing` of grief”
And your Failing to see` So The hell with trailing”
Cause the dwelling boat of hope is already sailing`east”

Shit-I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired”
This hired Life-I just wanna quit twice and retire”
Cause it’s like-I’m inspired to be admired but I can’t”
Since the iron boot of odd-wods-stomps-hard`
God when` stomped-I splosh like a swashed-ant”

I’m admitting` Committing suicide is in in my gripping-bidding”
Living but I feel like quitting` cause rock bottom got my heart-skippin”
Tied in knots(nots)-breathing for me isn’t easy pickings`
But I gotta stop wrist-slitting and take a risk when my spit’s dripping”

Damn Man My friend’s can’t understand”
that I stand in the hands of predicaments”
Predicted like a prediction pans of Fam demanded”
And said that I’ll be livin in a pin of imprisonment”

Ridiculous here I vent to this` occult of struggles”
As a troubled`-close adult`to cope is almost gettin so` diffcult`”
Since I’m tense` like stressed` Syllables`yo
hence-where’s my one bent-miracle?”

But Who am I faking-I can’t take it-there I’m fear-quaking”
Teared Shaking scared-I’m here baking in dispair-and nobody cares”
Dear-Everything is being taken-and this isn’t near to fair”
In a lair of bears-how come I’m the one pain-shaped to be spared?”

I’m clanking against depression”
so it sounds like I’m ranting”
Bound to panting cries”
Quiet can’t you just hear my demons-chanting..?”

Thank you for reading raiting. Please give opinions and be a critic. Thank you once more. Album LP Is coming soon.- Raising Star -Shaquille Pinckney

Best answer:

Even though i’m older I enjoy rap music along with any other styles.
I enjoyed this and wish you the best..bye…

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