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Psychosexual Disorders: Can People That Were Previously ‘sheltered’ Be at Great Risk?

Question by buffalo_billz_2003: Psychosexual disorders: Can people that were previously ‘sheltered’ be at great risk?
All throughout growing up, you’d always hear people say that the girls or boys having sex way too young(e.g., 12 or 13) would end up deeply regretting it or would probably “need counselling” someday. Ditto for the people that ended up becomming parents at very young ages. Or that the girls who start dating and/or having sex at a young age are prone to become “sl.uts” and act like “wh.ores”.

However, I’ve these bad consequences occuring equally–or even worse–with the people of the *opposite* extreme, i.e. the people who were sexually repressed during the teenage years and didn’t start having sexual relations until later than average. For example, girls that were repressed by overly strict parents, who later became voyeuristic semi-pervs or later overcompensated sexually once they were free from their parents’ grip. Or boys who were outcasted by girls for years, remained virgins into their 20s, and have a bitter hatred towards women now, turning to womanizing behavior.
There’s a lot of other great examples and I could go on all day. Trust me, this has happened to the person closest to me, along with multiple acquaintences or friends throughout the years. So my question is, what are the general psychosexual disorders or consequences that can result from someone that was too sexually repressed and/or outcasted(e.g., couldn’t attract the opposite sex) during the formative adolescent/young adult years?
Angelic, I agree with you and I know someone from college who had repressive parents, to the point that she was finally able to relax and slack and stay past her bedtime in college, and then she almost ended up on academic probation her first semester at college. :-\
So I realize that parents’ overprotectiveness can pervert more than their childrens’ dating/sex lives, but I guess I am focusing on the psychosexual consequences. Also, I use “repression” as a general term not limited to just parents…e.g., the ugly girl/outcast can feel sexually “repressed” if all guys snub her or avoid dates/sexual contact with her. Ditto for the “30-yr-old virgin”…think along those lines.
Okay here’s a good example. A girl I knew lost a ton of weight(like 80lbs), so to boost her esteem, she got a part-time job as a go-go dancer because this was the first time she was able to feel good about her body and get desired sexual attention from men. It didn’t matter that she was a lesbian and didn’t even like guys that often…she needed that self-esteem boost. She clearly told me this, that’s how I know it.

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Answer by angelic
I think that this “repressions” that your referring too affects more than sex.
I know people whose parents never let then go out, now their in college and the end up failing out because they never were allowed to do anything social so that is all they do now..
i think overly protective parents is almost couterproductive long term.

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