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PLEASE HELP Death????? Just Click?

Question by LarsLover: PLEASE HELP Death????? just click?
had a dream i was at my uncles house and he has a 7 year old son, the house was full of family memebers (it actually is right now) so anyways cousin came running to me with sumthin in his hand

it was a mouse and he was squezzing it?!!!!? i was saying “stop stop” he wouldint listen now there blood from mouse on his hands he then to scare me put the mouse on me which leave blood on my stomach

(im 3 months pregnant right now) i then start yelling at him whatever after that the dream continued to regular stuff… but also in real life im having some marrage problems caused by his jelousy and controlingness maybe that may have sumthin to do wyth it??

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Answer by Awiggins
Your spelling and the fact that your not smart enough to use spell check would indicate that your not mature enough to be involved in any relationship. I would recommend permanent surgical birth control for all involved parties before any further gene pool contamination can take place

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