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People Who Worked Before Becoming Disabled?

Question by Miraca: People who worked before becoming disabled?
What was your job? How long did you work?

Best answer:

Answer by Lynn
house/office cleaner/odd jobs (like weeding and shoveling out kennels)
teacher and counselor at a drug rehab
counselor at a runaway shelter
Substitute teacher
Group Home parent
phone surveys
office manager/cold calling/copy writer for an ad agency
assistant maintenance manager for a property management outfit
maintenance manager (that was the title, but I was really a bookkeeper and office manager who merely told the guys where the owner wanted them to go that ay) for another property management outfit
bookkeeper/office manager/all around go-to girl for a lighting and electrical outlet boxes manufacturer
bookkeeper for a duct work factory
back to bookkeeper/office manager/all around go-to girl for a lighting and electrical outlet boxes manufacturer
Owned my own secretarial services/resume writing business…
and then one three little gallstones and one botched gallbladder surgery changed my life.

Hard to tell how long I worked, since babysitter was as a teen (and had to tke care of little brother), and anytime you see “telemarketer” (or physical labor jobs), that means I had trouble finding “a real job,” so took what I could get. But my working years were from 1978-1999.

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