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Outpatient Treatment for Alcoholism


Outpatient Treatment for Alcoholism – In this informative video, Dr. Ed Wilson explains why an alcohol outpatient treatment works better than residential treatment. Dr. Wilso…


Mobile app may help people recovering from alcohol abuse: study

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Past studies have found that continuing treatment for alcoholism is linked with better outcomes, but there are few options available to people leaving rehabilitation centers, they write. "Unfortunately most people get nothing," Susan Foster told …
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Understanding panic attacks — causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention

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What are the treatment options and prevention measures? 'There are certain antidepressants and … Stay away from negative ways of coping: Drinking alcohol and smoking are all negative ways to cope up with anxiety. It will cause additional health …
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My View: Fighting heroin will take the whole community

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Remedies Renewing Lives provides many treatment options for individuals who are battling addiction to alcohol or other drugs. Each year, more than 2,000 citizens in our community seek and receive treatment and support through individual counseling …
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