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Outpatient Rehab: Advantages of Outpatient Rehab

Addictions, both alcohol and drugs have become rampant through the world. Rehabilitation centers are being bombarded with clients and many are turned away from inpatient and referred to outpatient services. There are several advantages to receiving treatment from an outpatient rehab. An inpatient requires the client be admitted for approximately twenty eight days. The length of time often interferes with employment and family. With outpatient, the client is able to continue working as well as be in a home environment.

The client is not monitored as closely during outpatient which poses a problem for some, however, many find it encouraging to be responsible for monitoring themselves. Inpatient facilities monitor every aspect of the patients day including, the groups they attend, meals they eat and interaction among other clients. Out patient rehab allows the client to control their own environment. They are not told when to go to bed, get out of bed or who they associate with. The control felt during inpatient will often trigger the client to rebel against staff, resulting in them leaving the program. This is not the case with outpatient, the only person to rebel against, is themselves.

While living at an inpatient rehab center, there is very little, if any contact with family and friends. Outpatient rehab provides the individual with the opportunity to continue the contact. Contact with family is important for the support and decreases the need for the addict to rely on strangers for the much needed support during their recovery process. Often times the individual will feel unsafe in an unfamiliar environment, outpatient rehab prevents the lack of safety. Separation from family and friends will often lead to the addict to revert to old habits by leaving the inpatient environment. Outpatient allows them the opportunity to learn alternate ways of avoiding the return to negative environments.

Outpatient rehabilitation can be an effective source of becoming substance free, however, the individual will need to rely on their strengths to follow through. Outpatient rehab does not go completely unmonitored, however it is not as stringent as an inpatient facility. The individual with a desire to get clean and sober, while spending time with family and continuing to work can benefit greatly from an outpatient program. An outpatient program is also significantly less expensive than an inpatient. If an individual does not have insurance to cover the inpatient treatment, the costs can get overwhelming. Outpatient rehab will solve the worry over the cost and allow the individual to work on getting healthy.

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Outpatient Drug Treatment Programs – Outpatient Drug Treatment Programs – Carrying recovery back into daily life (877) 903-2532 Outpatient drug treatment programs at The Recovery Place are used as an effective support for patients who have finished our residential drug and alcohol treatment programs. For some patients who have strong family support, an outpatient drug treatment program may help them continue their daily work and school lives, while still getting the treatment that they need. For others a combination of residential treatment followed by an outpatient drug treatment program is the best choice. Before coming to The Recovery Place, Greg’s life was out of control. Greg explains, “I was a heroin addict for 10 years, in and out of detox and jail. I lost my family, my friends and myself. After the residential program, I came to TRP’s outpatient program 3 nights a week.” Greg has been clean for 21 months now. By continuing his drug treatment as an outpatient, Greg gets the support he needs to continue recovering and make sure that his relapse plan is working.


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