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Non Religious Weddings?

Question by Kayleigh K: non religious weddings?
planning to get married next summer (!). Neither me or my partner are religious, just wondering about how you can get married without any religious mentionings, or venues. We are thinking of a registry office, but wondering where else is possible?

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Answer by mups mom
have someone you are close to legally cerified to marry you and you can get married in a field if you want

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Chattanooga Wedding Officiants Signals "New Game in Town" for Couples

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Ramsey says he does not require couples to complete premarital counseling as a condition to officiating their weddings. However, he does offer premarital counseling on voluntary basis, should the couple request it. Rev. Ramsey also offers the following …
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Policy group has swayed state lawmakers before

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Creating voluntary “covenant” marriages where spouses agree to premarital counseling and new restrictions before they can separate. • Exempting churches from having to file as political committees when the clergy speaks out about ballot measures.
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Ghanaian politicians accused of misleading youth

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He said in this regard it was about time for the youth to disassociate themselves from reckless ways such as drugs abuse, alcoholism, premarital sex, advanced fee fraud also known as Sakawa among others. Mr Seth Wemegah Williams President of In …