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My Newborn Won’t Sleep Unless She’s in My Arms. What Do I Do?

Question by Gabby: My newborn won’t sleep unless she’s in my arms. What do I do?
My baby girl is 6 weeks old and she will not sleep unless she’s in my arms. The second I put her down in her bassinet she’s awake. I have tried EVERYTHING. I give her a bath before bedtime and read her a story, I tried to swaddle her also and it’s not working. The minute she’s back on my arms she’s asleep again. She’s breastfed so she usually falls asleep on my boob. She doesn’t cry that much at all but she just looks so exhausted I feel so bad. I just need her to stop fighting her sleep I’m going back to work and need at least 3 hours of sleep to function PLEASE HELP!

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Answer by Saksham
you better try to consult doctor.

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