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My Ex Is Now Dating My “friend”..advice?

Question by Bella: My ex is now dating my “friend”..advice?
I’m 18 and he’s 17. We dated over a year and we broke up in the spring because it just wasn’t working I guess. We were each others first. He was too busy for me and he thought I was asking too much of him so he thought I was clingy and what not. When I wasn’t at all. We saw each other like once a week and barely texted and just got frustrated a lot. I was trying to be the best gf and did so much for him. He’s a laid back person where as I’m outgoing and like to treat my partner nice and take them out. He told me he wasn’t “ready” for a relationship and wasn’t gonna date again in high school….he went into this long thing saying he shouldn’t have gotten in a relatioship just yet..well I’m kinda mad he didn’t have the balls to tell me the the truth. His parents even said he wasn’t ready for a relationship. Cause he sucked as a bf!

As soon as we broke up I lost all feelings for him and only missed what we used to be. We had some of the best times together and had great chemistry. He’s now kinda dating this girl who used to be my friend. We stopped talking after she’d flirt with him while I was still dating him. I just hate how of all the people it had to be her. And he sits in church with her and used to do that with me until he got lazy/too busy. So I’d have to sit alone..

It’d suck if he changed his ways just for her. But maybe that’s her type since she’s laid back too. Or the real side of him will show. I might’ve seemed clingy/too demanding to him, but I want to see my bf more than once a week and talk more than a few texts a night. I want my bf to do a little something nice for our 1 year rather than sit on the couch. She’s 17 so maybe she won’t care as much about that like when we first started dating. But eventually I wanted to be treated like a proper gf.

A part of me regrets some things that led us to the break up if I really was “too high maintenance” like he said to his family. Everyone said nothing was wrong with me and I should’ve let him go awhile ago since he did zero for me and I wore the pants. I feel bad that in his eyes that he thinks I just show love by gifts and want him to show it that way. He is hard to read so I never felt loved and that’s why I wanted something done for him to show it..He told this girl that he feels bad that he hurt me…I DON’T want his pity. I should’ve dumped him long ago n I wish he knew that. He said he felt like he was a bad bf too!

He’s not for me then but it still kinda stinks out of all the girls it’s her. It’s weird she’s holding what I used to hold. I feel like I was nothing to him. I feel bad he thinks I’m someone I’m not. I feel bad for not ending it when I should have. Everyone else thought he was d-bag at times. He got over me fast it seems like too..He said he felt bad that he hurt me but I DON’T want his pity. I could’ve dumped him awhile ago and he even said he thought he was a bad bf…Ah help?
Don’t meant to seem mean but she’s on the tomboy/heavier side. So I guess he really does like laid back…I’m not a priss like he thinks I am and we didn’t see each other enough for him to see that. I hate that. :/ Idk if it’ll just end up like our relationship or if she just has different ways she wants to be treated…

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Answer by Kay Lou
You was just someone to lose his virginity to! Men for ya!

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