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Mental Health Questions.?

Question by Unknown: Mental Health Questions.?
I would like to become a Clinical Psychologists Ph.D (Work in a Hospitals/or Private Practice) would I have to have Malpractice Insurance Since I wouldn’t be a MD. Also Do you have to be an expert in Math because I hate algebra But I love solving Puzzles and figuring things out in a process. I really like Science and have a passion for it. I know you have to have Patient-Confidentiality but if a patient committed a past crime(illegal) would I be able to break that Confidentiality and report it. OR Do I report it if the patient poses danger to the patients own health or to others at the moment.
I would like to be a MD but the MCAT’s scare me as well as the Math equations of it. I would shoot for MD if I knew the Math part wouldn’t be a major issue. Is it a Major issue. I would like to be a Psychiatrist but I know its hard to get into Med School. Which would be a better route. As I said the only thing that holds me back is Math. I have the courage and passion to face any Sciences and I like helping people, I like playing mind games, and solving answers which are almost impossible to find.

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Answer by i ? hershey ?
yes~no~no~and you learn the rest in the big kids school?

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