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Medium Loraine Rees at Brentwood, Part 7


Medium Loraine Rees at Brentwood, part 7 – Medium Loraine Rees performs her amazing clairvoyant demonstration at the Brentwood Mind Body Soul Exhibition, March 2010. Wonderful proof of life after death. Excellent for those dealing with bereavement or loss.


Want to beat the blues on the 'most depressing day of the year'?

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These can include bereavement, money worries, relationship problems and stress. Mental illness is different to this and refers to a diagnosable condition that significantly interferes with an individual's cognitive, … “The things that never work is …
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Ex-wife of Kingston police officer Adam Woodford who committed suicide

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She also gives informal guidance to police officers at Sutton who have sought her help before dealing with suicides or any other kind of bereavement. "It's about how to approach and talk to the family. I know from experience how I would want to be …
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