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Maybe God Is Telling Me Not to Get Rape Counseling?

Question by trinity_loves_neo1: Maybe God is telling me not to get rape counseling?
Every time I have gone for any help in counseling something has gone wrong. I called the rape crisis hotline yesterday and they said I would have to wait until next week until their specialist got back from vacation. Before that I went to a ” mental health clinic ” in our town and noone was there, the door was locked. The earlist appt I have been able to get is in August and this clinic says they Psych doesnt take ” walk ins “. Maybe all this is because I live in a tiny town..I dont know. Is God trying to tell me something here ? Like maybe i should just forget looking for any help and just live with it ? I THINK I should seek help because I feel like an alien stuck in my body and like Im fragmented and I struggle with thoughts of killing myself…..but if Im supposed to go for help….why so many roadblocks ? Plz pray for me if u can…

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Answer by *winterpixel*
GOT TO THE COUNSELING!! I tihnk you could use it!

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Winona Counseling Clinic – Winona, MN – Winona Counseling Clinic 507-454-3900