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Legal Beagles: How to Trap a Doctor Who Is Manipulating a Health ….?

Question by JuanCarlosNoMore: Legal Beagles: How to trap a Doctor who is manipulating a health ….?
issue to encourage un-needed surgeries and therapy?
I have a Neuro Cargiologist that “apparently ” has adjusted my pacemaker to start shocking me in order to scare me into and expensive operation called Ablation.
I have pretty good evidence this is going on and I am working to trap this guy at his game. I had been doing fine up until I saw him and told him so. I felt I was getting better. He told me he doubted it and acted insulted that I wanted to take less drugs and use food supplements to support my therapies. He adjusted my pacemaker at that time but led me to believe he had not. I found this out by speaking with his nurse. Since that visit, 7 days later I started having these horrific shocks from the pacemaker. These “therapy” shocks are very painful. I think this guy is trying to scare me into another operation and into insecurity in order to line his own pocket. If I can prove intentional abuse of this pacemaker system by this doctor how can I put this jerk out of business?
I am getting other opinion and also getting the pacemaker reset to the old setting wherein I had never been shocked and was showing signs of improved health. I think I have good documentation in writing of all this. This guy needs to be called on the carpet for this once the info is all assembled, if indeed my accusation is correct. Who do I bring this to the attention of to get the best effect against this doctor. I don’t imagine I could sue but he should be stopped or at least scared.

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Answer by Joe Rockhead
Any reputable doctor would always welcome what’s called a “second opinion”.

Get one!

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