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Job Needed….?

Question by Spicky & Grl ?: Job needed….?
My fiance(Greg) really needs a job and no one will hire him because he has a felony. He has it because I’m 16 and we’re engaged and his dad’s jelous mistress works for the state and wanted to get revenge on his mom for taking his dad back. It’s drama and that wasn’t the only way she took revenge. Anyway, Greg is 23 and is a very good worker. He currently doesn’t have his license because he doesn’t want to get it back without a job to pay the surcharge each month but as soon as he gets a job, he gets his license. So, transportation won’t be a problem. He rather do physical work because he gets bored sitting around but he will take any job. He doesn’t really LIVE anywhere but his mom is in Sussex, New Jersey and his sister is in Keensburg(sp), New Jersey and he can stay at either place. Does anyone know anywhere he can work?

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Answer by billybambam
OK, this is not an uncommon or unsolvable issue.

1) If he is still on parole, have him ask his PO for assistance in referring him to trade schools.

2) Go to the State employment office, they always have many construction type jobs (many don’t care about a record). They will also do testing to find out his strong areas.

3) Most States have what some call “Voc-Rehab”. These are State run training centers that get federal funding. They offer everything from testing, counseling, schooling, transportation to job placement.Ask about his eligibility.

4) There are many small car repair shop that hire workers “off the street” it’s not a long term situation, but it’s something.

He is lucky to have family and a fiance to assist him in the transition. It’s hard, but not impossible. Good luck to him and you.


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