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Is This a Panic Attack?

Question by Bubbles: Is this a panic attack?
well ever since i was little, i’ve had these moments(not as often as they used to be now) where i was in bed, ready to go to sleep, when something would trigger in my mind about dying. i start to worry about the blackness, but it wouldn’t even BE black because your dead and there would be no colour, just nothingness. i freak out about it, and if/when my parents die, and i start to cry-like uncontrollably. seriously. i cant stop. sometimes if that something triggers i can block it out by listening to music, reading, everything at the same time to keep myself busy, then it seems to subside.
i was talking to a friend about, and she said that she gets the same thing, and that it is a panic attack. i’ve never thought about it like that before.
so is it a panic attack? i cant control them, don’t know what brings them on, and is there anything to stop/reduce them?
they can be quite frequent, or very far apart and out of the blue.
please help

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Answer by Destiny…..
It sounds like a panic attack. You could have an anxiety disorder. Try talking with your doctor about this.

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