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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Massachusetts


inpatient alcohol rehab in massachusetts –


Lindsay Lohan's rehab to be at 00-a-week Seafield in the Hamptons: Report

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Seafield Center's treatment programs include inpatient alcohol and drug rehabilitation. We provide a comprehensive system at any level of appropriate services. The reason Seafield was chosen is because — despite the fact it can't really stop anyone …


Medical Innovations Abound for the Treatment of Addiction

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Naltrexone, in the injectable form of Vivitrol, is a major medical advancement that has become one of the standards of care in the treatment of both opioid dependence and alcohol dependence. Naltrexone is an antagonist or “blocker” at the opiate …
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St. Mary's celebrates 110 years

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The modern four-story hospital opened its doors in 1980, and in 1990, the hospital opened an inpatient alcohol rehabilitation services center and expanded primary care services. In 1993, St. Mary's opened more outpatient surgical suites, a reception …
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