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If a Person Didn’t Want to Belong to a 12 Step Program but Wanted Follow the 12 Steps That They Could Without?

Question by Power: If a person didn’t want to belong to a 12 step program but wanted follow the 12 steps that they could without?
the program, what would they focus on in essence?

So stop one is surrender, then there is believing their is a higher power, I know there is the belief we must clean up our mind. We have to look at our grudges, get rid of all our bad qualities like anger, guilt. Can you go through this program & explain what the steps would be for a person who doesn’t want to be in a program. They want to take the good parts but let go of the service work or other parts that only people in the program have to do…if you can also explain the things that people who don’t do the program will avoid I would appreciate that also….I see that a person is not free to say what they want to others in the group meaning no cross talk or advising, etc. Thank you very much.

Best answer:

Answer by Theresa
The 12 steps can be followed by anybody who is looking to change a certain behavior, or just find more meaning in life. The 12 steps are proven to be very successful in helping people deal with things. There are different 12 step meetings. Some are for alcoholics, some are for other addictions, some are for depression, etc. The idea of a “group setting” is meant to give support to other people in the group. The reason support is emphasized is because often times when we try to break habits, it’s really easy to slip back into our old ways if we don’t have other people to hold us accountable and help us. However, you don’t need to be in a group setting to follow the 12 steps. It’s just highly recommended for those who are struggling with addictions such as drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, etc.

There are online websites that can help those you if you are looking to practice the 12 steps on your own. This site offers free downloadable workbooks:

The websites I gave you are the most popular ones. However, if you search on google you might be able to find other websites that are just as helpful. Hope I helped! Good luck!

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