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I Need to Know How to Comfort My Hubby…?

Question by kitten: I need to know how to comfort my hubby…?
My Egyptian bf’s brother died recently. My bf is currently widthrawn and uncommunicative but I believe he needs me… Only I need to know what I can do to comfort him. I wish he would just tell me but I don’t think he knows himself or that he knows what to say. I am scared to offend him or seem insensitive. I tried to reach out to him; to find out what I can about his situation and what’s happening in his life since he ignored me for 3 weeks. So far, he’s not saying anything more about his life and He’s accused me of being selfish when I asked him what he feels about me. I am feeling hopeless not knowing what to do…. I really love this guy and hope he would open up and trust himself entirely to me.

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Answer by Jarien
First off, you would need to understand how his culture handles grief. I have no idea, but is it possible that it’s quite different from what you’re used to?

This sort of thing is a reliable indicator of how you’ll be able to handle difficult situations as your relationship progresses. It’s important to find out what the barrier is that’s preventing him from talking about his loss, and find out if it’s at all something that can be breached.

Be prepared for a culture clash if you’re not aware of one already.

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