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I Am Confused as to What My Title Will Be?

Question by rhapsody19: I am confused as to what my title will be?
So, I am taking classes to get my master’s degree in counseling. Originally, I got my undergrad in psych because I wanted to be a psychologist. I wanted to help people and be a therapist, in a nut shell. The people at my program said that if I want to “practice” that I should become a certified counselor. So, now that is the track that I am on. They also have a master’s program in psychology. What is the difference in that then what I am doing? That is all well and good but they are always talking about how psychology is such a different field from counseling. Will I get to be called a psychologist only after I get my doctorate degree? I know this is petty, but I dont like the sound of being called a counselor.

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Answer by smallbizperson
Quick, go speak to your academic adviser or the head of your department, you may have taken a detour. Too, you need to understand the difference in all these terms, the educational requirements for each and your expected potential for employment after graduation from the program you ultimately select.

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