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How to Talk to a Therapist?

Question by Jamie: How to talk to a therapist?
I recently started seeing a therapist because I think I have depression or borderline personality disorder. However, I find the situation slightly awkward, because I’m not sure what kind of relationship I’m supposed to have with her. Do I talk to her like a best friend? Like a mother? What sort of things are and aren’t okay to talk about? Am I supposed to just dump all of my problems out in front of a total stranger? I need feedback, preferably from someone who’s had a successful experience…

Best answer:

Answer by Tenyrafar Moonwind
That is a bit ironic, as therapists have spent years learning how they are supposed to talk with you!

Don’t try to categorize the therapist into any other relationship than “therapist” they have no emotional obligations to you nor you to them. Therapists have the aim of talking with you until you get comfortable enough to open up and talk about your problem. Don’t worry about this, its very common that it takes times for people to open up for a therapist, after all, you probably spendt years teaching yourself to avoidi talking about what *really* troubles you

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