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How to Decide the Right Career?

Question by HKlove: how to decide the right career?
ive been working at random jobs and im just sick of being overworked and under payed. So I came to the acceptance that my old quote of “you dont have to go to school to get a good job” is WRONG… I want great pay with a job that im happier with something with helping people in the health field i recently have looked at nutrition and my only worry is 6 years of school for the path i want which would be counseling people with ed or giving nutrition plans…. ive changed my mind about what i want to do sooooo many times im so unsure what helped you decide? words of advice????

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Answer by J
Pick a job where you don’t start working bankrupt with debt. You must earn enough to support a family in a major City …thats $ 200k plus/yr. Do not low ball your life and your future family.

Almost 50 million on food stamps, ~20% of males 25 to 54 yrs not working, lowest SATs in 40 years, debt to GDP over 100% and whats uncle sams answer to America’s problems? Why more fancy jet toys to attack fictional enemies, of course and adding a trillion dollars of debt to prop up financial markets artificially. What a mess!

America You are On Your Own. YOYO’s the word. Never forget it. Take control of your own lives and ignore what ever solutions the politicians and corproations thow around as solutions.

Abandon consumer spending obesity addiction. Cut your lifestyle in half or less…small house or car or no car .. always have a second job cause the one you have can/will disappear …save and invest over 50% of your income if you can …. stay with your parents….parents move in with your kids…Rent with friends…Live like the wage you make today could be the last you’ll earn, always.

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