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How Many Graduate Credits to Be a Counseling Psychologist?

Question by me!: How many graduate credits to be a counseling psychologist?
I want to get a master’s in counseling psychology. I know some schools differ, but for the most part, how many credits would I need in order to get a master’s?
If I would go for a PhD, how many credits would I need?

Best answer:

Answer by David
The most common pathway is to do a PhD in Psychology which depending on the programs takes 5-7 years full-time including the internship year. There are some other pathways too, the most common one being a PsyD (4-7 years full-time), but all of them are doctoral, which means that 4 years full-time is the minimum. (The number of credits is somewhat irrelevant since different universities have a different number of credits per year.)

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