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How Many Days Do We Have Until Obamacare Turns the US Into a Post Apocalyptic Hellscape?

Question by Colonel Jack Fessender (Ret.): How many days do we have until Obamacare turns the US into a post apocalyptic hellscape?
Complete with roving gangs, mutated animals, death squads, murderous robots, disease, crazy doctors who have to do medical services but can’t get a paycheck anymore and so they now murder people in order to make a living, CEOs having to resort to being muggers and gang leaders because they can’t, death panels patrolling the heartland looking to do a little “end-of-life counseling” on whoever they come across, death, spoiled fields, cannibals, starvation, etc.?

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Answer by chronic303
Sounds like an awesome video game your playing. Maybe we could smoke some weed and play it 2 player

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