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How Do You Get Diagnosed With Depression?

Question by No one: How do you get diagnosed with depression?
I have very little motivation, and there are some days where I feel like absolute sh*t and other days I barely feel any emotion at all. It takes so much energy to get through the day. I’m always tired and I’m always in a bad mood. I know I’m a teenager, but I feel like this isn’t how a normal teen feels/acts. My grades have dropped and I’m getting headaches, some from stress, at least twice a week. I miss a ton of school.
I really think I have some form of depression. My dad has it, too, and I’m pretty sure my brother does, too. I don’t really know what to do. I’ve tried talking to my school guidance counselor, but that never really worked out. I’d be really embarrassed to go to a therapist. How do you get diagnosed with depression?
This has been really affecting my life in a negative way, not only with the way I feel, but socially and with school, too. I’m in my junior year and I’ve gone from being an A student before to failing five out of six classes. As bad as this sounds, if I do get diagnosed with depression, do I have to go to a counselor? Is there any way I can just get a prescription or something?

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Answer by Mckenzie
I believe a therapist or doctor tells you whether or not u are depressed. But it just seems like your stressed Ima senior and my junior year was my worst I was depressed but unlike you I didn’t fail classes that was actually my sanctuary, passing seemed to be the only thing I could do right. You just need to find that hobby that you can run to. Whether it be hanging with friend or drawing having something that you feel you do best is an excellent therapy. Every thing gets better. I didn’t have much friends my junior year and I was dead out sad. But when I hot senior year I experienced some of the best things in my life. My best friend is the best and she supports me. You have some one out there that will support you too. If you still feel bad and think I am just an optimistic junky then I am sorry but life isn’t gumdrops and lolly pops it can get very bad but it can also get very good if you attempt to make it that way. Put a quote on your wall that makes you happy, have a day that you eat your favorite snack, call it snack attack day! Don’t be depressed it does no good at all it just makes you feel bad. Sorry for being repetitive but I just don’t like when ppl feel hopeless my family can get that way, one of my parents had like there medical emergencies and they are dead depressed. I try to make the little things increase their positive outlook on life. Name some of the things you like in life. try to think of good times, read other peoples depressing stories and compare them to your own, some people have it a lot worse than you and they still manage to smile. But if you still want to be diagnosed with depression a doctor or therapist can do it. I think only you can create your own happiness not an antidepressant.

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