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How Do You Deal With Situational Depression Without Using Drugs?

Question by Timothy M: How do you deal with situational depression without using drugs?
Over the last couple months I have felt myself slipping more and more into a depressive state because of a lot of personal setbacks and aggrivations coupled with increased stress from major life changes. I struggle almost daily with feelings of worthlessness, lonlieness, anger with and distrust of myself and others, and frustration over the simplist things.

I get anxious and withdrawn from the people i care about the most and cannot seem to be honest about anything when i get into these states. even the simplest questions seem like sharp daggers and i get defensive and just start trying to cover up in an attempt to avoid the question. It has now begun to affect my relationships with others (especially with my close friends) and I don’t know what to do about it.

I have tried doing the things that used to bring me joy such as reading scripture but they seem to only frustrate me more and make my moods even worse.

any advise would be welcome.

Best answer:

Answer by hypno_toad1
Find someone trustworthy to talk to.

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