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How Do I Go About Removing My Son From My House Permanatly? He Is a Huge Threat to the Rest of the Family!?

Question by lilpinkrose: How do I go about removing my son from my house permanatly? He is a huge threat to the rest of the family!?
My son is 15 and has a nasty temper when he doesnt get his way I have called the police,Had him asessed at JAC talked to his Dr. ect. nothind helps and nothing works. I want him gone but am not sure how to do it legally. His biggest problem (so he says) is that no body in the family respects him and I as a parent should just let him live his life the way he sees fit! Well… I gave up 2 weeks ago and gave him his freedom with only 2 rules which were… 1) no cussing at me or any one else in the house and 2) Stay out of everybodies things andont help your self to them…Well those two rules are now his biggest crimes in the house when he bothers to come home. I am so tired of the explotions that go on in this house every time he comes home and dont feel Ishould have to take his verbal abuse. I am also tired of him tearing up my things and other peoples things when he doest get his way Help!!!!!

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Answer by Pretty Lady
Honey? File a petition in the juvenile courts. You can do that and would probably be the best thing for him and especially you at this point. He sounds like he is incorrigible. I know some folks are going to say take him to a doctor, blah blah blah. From your description, I say let him see what it is like to spend a bit of time in Juvenile hall. You have a right to protect yourself and the rest of your family. I don’t want to read about you or your entire family being murdered by him. I am so sorry you have to go through this type of heartbreak. File as soon as you can. Good luck dear.

p.s. Don’t blame yourself or feel guilty either

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