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How Can I Best Support My Hubby? He Was Raised a Jehovah’s Witness and He Is No Longer One.?

by ehoyer

Question by Sarah Townen: How can I best support my hubby? He was raised a Jehovah’s Witness and he is no longer one.?
First off I am NOT bashing JW’s
I did not grow up in that religion but he did

I am NOT looking for ways to get him to become a JW again.

I AM looking for ways to support him. I’ve learned little things over the years. Triggers, things to avoid, that kind of thing. But I want to be the best support I can be and there are so many layers to this I don’t know how to best support him when he’s needing/wanting me to support him through these times

Thanks all
Again, please respect that I am not looking to get him or us into the JW again.
hi all
thanks for the honesty in your answers

to moses beyond:
he was not disfellowshipped
that’s what they call it, they don’t call it getting expelled
i’m not sure if you were upset or asking a question?

other points:
he left by his own choice at about age 22 (about 15+ years ago)
had ‘mentally’ left years before that

it’s such a complicated issue it’s hard to know how to best support him
thanks again all
hard for me to pick a best answer
many of you have offered nuggets of great info

Best answer:

Answer by Angus McCloud
Remind him every day how lucky he is to have escaped from that cult.

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