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How Can a Woman With a Low Income Get Mental Health Care??

Question by Sean S: How Can a Woman with a Low Income Get Mental Health Care??
My wife suffers from life-long clinical depression. She was sexually abused as a child, then paraded around in Miss Teen USA pageants against her will. She has had teachers, parents and even a mental health counselor come on to her. She needs professional help to get over the depression and low self-esteem.

Is there somewhere she can go for a few weeks for an intensive sort of “rehab” as she calls it for depression for women? She wants a place that is safe from guys coming on to her. She just can’t take that again while she is trying to get better.

We are currently in NJ and we are residents of NH. I hate to admit it but we are poor. I was recently laid off and she has part time work. I am not back to work yet. We have no savings and no health insurance. I don’t know where to turn, but I need to help my wife. She is the most AMAZING person, and I’d do anything for her. I need to help her find a way to get help with this. Can anyone suggest anything? Thank you!
Wife does not drink, take drugs, etc… she is highly intelligent as was using the word “rehab” as an analogy to illustrate the type of facility. Sorry for any confusion with that terminology.

Also, write to Oprah?? Maybe I should just become a major league baseball player later this afternoon as well. Just about as good of a shot. Please… I need intelligent responses. We have suffered a financial setback at the worst time possible, but we’re not morons. Come on.

Best answer:

Answer by Joseph C
Send her to this site:

It will help her more than the mental health people (some of whom are mentally ill themselves) and there’s a lot of low cost material available and some for free.

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