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“For in Much Wisdom Is Much Grief, and Increase of Knowledge Is Increase of Sorrow”?

Question by George: “For in much wisdom is much grief, and increase of knowledge is increase of sorrow”?
This is the conclusion of the first chapter of Ecclesiastes. Please defend, challenge or qualify this assertion.

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Answer by Critical Acclaim
I’ll have to look in to that, but i qualify the assertion (whatever that means) The truth hurts

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Yet another sad day in New Jersey as Haja Sally Savage laid to rest

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Grief and sorrow lay thick in New Jersey once again last Sunday as the Sierra Leone community buried another one of their own in what is now a distressful regular feature in the state. This time, the deceased was Haja Sally Iyatunde Savage , the wife …
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Aragones dies aged 75

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A statement from the RFEF read: "The Spanish Football Federation wants to express its grief and shock at the death of Luis Aragones, former player and coach of several Spanish and global clubs and the Spain national team at the beginning of their …


Four more arrests made in connection with SC State killing

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Robinson, who was from Orangeburg, studied industrial engineering technology. “The S.C. State University family is devastated by the tragic loss of Brandon,” president Thomas J. Elzey said in a news release. “Our hearts are heavy with grief and sorrow …
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In L'Isle-Verte, no anger – only sorrow

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This surprising equanimity stems from a character trait French Canadians are known for: their gentleness and their intense dislike of quarreling, especially in a time of grief. For a few days, it looked as if Quebec was transformed into a tight-knit …
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