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Drug Detox Rehab Centers – Help Prevent Drug Addiction


Drug Detox Rehab Centers – Help prevent drug addiction – To read more, please visit ============================================== Drug addiction and substance abuse is a globa…


'I Was A Homeless Junkie'

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One such act was when he was in rehab and needed a heroin high so badly he stole the entire red hazardous waste bin filled with used needles that he later stuck in his arm without even thinking twice about it. He also shot up alcohol just so he could …
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Drug Rehab Decatur Revamps Traditional Treatment Approaches

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After studying recent data, the addiction specialists at Drug Rehab Decatur began noticing the rise of relapse cases among former patients. Addiction counselor Andrea G. says the new emphasis on detox programs has lowered the rate of relapse.
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Win for Juno Beach residents fighting drug rehab

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"We're quite concerned, every time a tree branch hits the window she jumps because she thinks something is going on," said Lewis Wheeler. Wheeler explains what he says life is like for his family living next to a drug rehab and detox center in Juno Beach.
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