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Drug Abuse Effects on My Body?

Question by Sam: Drug abuse effects on my body?
Id just like to start saying i know i have a problem and i know what im doing is bad for me. Im not able to talk to a actual medical docter right now so i am looking for advice. im 16 And have been abusing pills for about 2 years now. i got out of “rehab” 4 months ago but took up my old ways pretty quickly. one thing ive done about three times now is a benedryl trip. ( i know its ridiculous but your hearing this from someone with a drug problem) ive taken about 25 to 30 each time. ive kinda had this realization of how stupid it was for me too do this because i could have easily died. Now im just worried if ive seriously injured my liver. when i was last in rehab they took bloodwork and said i was fine but im worried about the damage ive done since, more to my brain, heart and liver. do you think its important i go to a docter and get a thorough check done. I know it sunds pointless because i continue to do drugs, and i sound like a hipocrite im just kinda lost and not sure what i should do when it comes to what i have dne to my body, besides stopping, which trust me i am trying to do, its a battle and i have slip ups now and then.
please no hate, thats really not why i posted this.

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Answer by J
Your liver has the ability to heal itself over time. However, if you constantly abuse it and do not give it a chance to properly heal, you could seriously injure yourself. Im not sure what other pills you are addicted to, but benedryl and robo trips are not addictive, and you could easily kill yourself by abusing them. You are lucky to be alive. Just knock it off and chill out. Your liver is only able to handle so much. The crazy shit you were experiencing when you were tripping is your livers inability to process all the garbage you put into it. The world is crazy enough to experience without psychoactive substances.

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