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Does This Book Take Away Women’s Rights and Can Someone Explain It Please?

Question by Deborah: Does this book take away women’s rights and can someone explain it please?
It’s called ‘Making Your Family Life Happy’. It is a study aid to the bible from Watchtower Society. Page 62 to 65 ‘The Weepers, The Naggers.’ On page 64-65 it says “Better to live alone in the desert than with a nagging and ill-tempered wife.” “Endless dripping on a rainy day – that is what a nagging wife is like. As well to try to control the wind as to control her!” Proverbs 17:9, 19:13, 21:19, 27:15-16. Then it says “Why do the scriptures single out the wife for this counsel? . . . . ”

I can’t see how the scriptures ‘single out’ women only for this counsel. It seems you have only chosen to pick out the scriptures that show women behave like this and omitted the ones which prove that men apply emotional pressure also. E.g. Amnon when he put pressure on Jehonadab and King David in order to take advantage of his sister, by whingeing about being ill. 2 Sam 13.

How do books like this discourage the emotional and physical abuse of women today? Are young girls being discouraged from having rights to being upset? E.g. when they don’t like the way they are being treated within the home. This book made Jehovah seem wicked to me at the time and as though he does not love women. Who wrote it exactly and how does it promote the self-esteem of young girls?
In line with the answer from 2FollowH below, I was pregnant and nearly killed by my JW believing husband because I cried when scenes popped up on TV that I found degrading and was expected to leave the room, e.g. Bruce Lee films where naked women are offered as trophies, some Arnold Swarzneiger fims e.g. True Lies where the woman cracks a whip as a trophy, American Weirwolf in London where it starts with prostitution. The bible was taken off me with Philipians 4;8-9 and thrown and the JW book put under my nose with the ‘weepers and the naggers’. He stood by the front door and stopped me from calling the police as he had the phone and the baby in his arms and threatened to burn the house down. I was terrified of that JW book and cannot see why it was more important than Philipians 4:8-9 and why it was OK to portray women in that way, when men do the same. How do books like that encourage women to SAY NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND SAY NO TO PORN’ OF ANY TYPE, no matter how long the sce

Best answer:

Answer by 2FollowHim
First, let’s put some context to get the picture. I think Proverbs is written by
Soloman who was very wise.
This is written, what 3-4 thousand…thousand…like 10×100 years ago.
Easy to say, impossible really to truly imagine. Think how much change
occured say in 30 years!! now multiply by 100.

This was written mostly about Jewish women and you want to know that
some could be just like that!! It’s not written about sweet tempered women.
Have you read Proverbs 31? This is about a good wife, and what she is like.

This is what a nagging wife is like. This is counsel to men to avoid such.
Otherwise their lives are awful.

The bible explains that at one point, women will lead men and we’ve
entered that time period.

Today, the tables are turned. The NT says DIFFERENT things. Different
time period. However, there was one group in Corinthians where the
women seemed to be very difficult again. But mostly it was
very different.

It is advice re: certain types of women, not all women. And it can help
all women to listen to themselves, make sure they are not incessantly
harping on something to a man, but rather being kind and gentle.
And this is only sensible. Do you know how many women who
are pregnant are killed by their men each year in America? I think
it’s more than those killed in car accidents. Don’t want to provoke
men. And this teaches women good ways to live. Being pushy,
naggy, harping…what does this make a woman like if she just
keeps doing that?

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