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Do You Believe That Michelle Obama Brought Only One “Grieving Friend” on Her Trip to Spain?

Question by : Do you believe that Michelle Obama brought only one “grieving friend” on her trip to Spain?
70 HOTEL ROOMS FOR ONE FRIEND!! Does anyone believe this?

“The Obama group is expected to occupy 60 to 70 rooms, more than a third of the lodging at the 160-room resort, which consists of hotel rooms, suites and separate villas. Listed prices start at 300 euros, or nearly $ 400 per night at the resort, which uses Italian marble as a decorative theme.”

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Answer by Republicans Suck
are you completely out of things to criticize Obama about?? who cares what she did and where she went on vacation… the heads of EVERY government organization takes lavish trips on taxpayers’ dollars. it happens all the time. you are just a zombified Faux News viewer who believes that Barack Obama is EVIL. its called being brain-washed, come back to reality.

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