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Did You Hear About the Man in CA Who Killed Himself and His Family Because of Financial Problems?

Question by S: Did you hear about the man in CA who killed himself and his family because of financial problems?
Someone on the news said “He should’ve sought out help instead of making that choice”. Well my question is: What kind of help could he have gotten if he was having financial problems???
I’m not saying that what he did wasn’t insane, but really, what kind of “help” can a person who is having financial problems get if they see suicide as the only way out of their problems?

And if you’re going to say “He should’ve gotten counseling”, where would he have gotten the money to pay for counseling if he was having financial problems???
Leah, no he wasn’t a billionaire. This guy was a black guy who lived in a subdivision with his wife and several kids.

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I have now

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