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Wondering if I Have Bipolar Depression?

Question by : Wondering if I have bipolar depression?
I’ve been feeling suicidal and self-harming for quite a while now, and a friend told me that I might be suffering from bipolar depression. After a while, my feeling of suicidal-ness would leave and I’d feel perfectly fine again.

My last “episode” had me crying uncontrollably, with raging thoughts of mostly suicide. It lasted for half an hour, I think?

This has been happening for a few times and I’m wondering if these could be symptoms of bipolar depression? I’ve been taking some online tests to determine if I do have bipolar depression and so far, all my test results are positive.

I’m going to consult a specialist about this soon, but I’m also wondering if this is all just hormones? I’m still in my early teenage years so I’m wondering if this is just puberty haha. Please help! Thanks.

The Advantages of Group Therapy v Individual Therapy


The Advantages of Group Therapy v Individual Therapy – An explanation of the advantages group psychotherapy has over individual therapy.


Power Stuttering Center Offers Individual Therapy

Filed under: individual therapy

A speech pathologist with over 25 years of experience in stuttering therapy, Mark Power provides individual stuttering treatment at for clients, requiring just a one-week commitment, Monday through …
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CAPS Office identifies stressors, open to students

Filed under: individual therapy

According to the CAPS annual report of 2012 – 2013, students seek counseling due to five main reasons, the most prevalent of which is anxiety. “This is an emotional disorder that include individuals who have difficulty with worry, apprehension or fear …
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Conterversies of Modern Women Health Care


conterversies of modern women health care – A passion for innovation lies at the heart of Complete Healthcare for Women’s success. Through such innovation, our physicians have attained unparalleled exp…


Depression can be treated by Extreme Triggering of Neurons

Filed under: behaviour therapy for depression

In recent research conducted by the Icahn School of Medicine in New York, researchers have found that counterintuitive therapeutic strategy will work better for treating depression. Extreme Triggering of Neurons. The current treatment includes …
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Premorbid Depression Associated With Poor Anorexia Prognosis

Filed under: behaviour therapy for depression

Many psychiatrists hope that a single treatment approach—say, cognitive-behavioral therapy [CBT] or an antidepressant—would relieve both anorexia and depression. Unfortunately, it seems that antidepressive medication does not alleviate symptoms of …
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Treating Depression Without Drugs


Treating Depression Without Drugs – BlazerCast for June 29, 2010: UAB is the first medical provider in the state to offer a new, cutting-edge treatment for depression. Repetitive Transcranial M…


Letters: Positive thoughts on depression treatment

Filed under: treating depression

Recently, Richard Friedman wrote a New York Times article regarding the value of Botox in treating depression. One of his comments is that “if you can't frown, it may be harder to be depressed.” He goes on to suggest your facial expression transmits a …
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Brainsway sees growth in depression treatment, looks to new areas

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JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli medical device maker Brainsway expects strong growth following the launch of its treatment of depression and hopes to access new markets once its system finishes trials in treating a number of other diseases. Brainsway …
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North Atlanta Christian Counseling Services


North Atlanta Christian Counseling Services – North Atlanta Christian Counseling Services, in Roswell, Georgia, helps individuals to identify the difficult stressors and other challenging circumstances a…


Counseling good, even if it seems destined to fail

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However, he has basically stated that when marriage counseling fails (not if), "I give up." We have kids and we love each other, we just can't seem to live together right now. Am I wasting my time saving a relationship that he sees as doomed …
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Chhattisgarh's teenage girls proclaim love, police in dilemma

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As the case comprises of minor girls and homosexuality, the girls have been handed over to child welfare committee and are now undergoing counseling, in charge of Raigarh Kotwali RK Mishra told Times Of India. Narrating the story, Mishra said the case …
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Psychology Question Please Help 10points and Best Answer?

Question by Jamie B: Psychology question please help 10points and best answer?
ok im doing a psychology paper and the topic is

What are some of the major differences between insight therapies and behavior therapies in the treatment of psychological disorders? Do you agree with the behavioral view that undesirable behaviors are the problem, not symptoms of some underlying cause? Why or why not?

can anyone please help me with some information. I’m not really sure where to start. anything info you can give or websites about this topic is greatly appreciated

Thank you

Best answer:

Answer by David B
Insight therapies focus on the underlying thought patterns, emotions, and cognitions in the treatment of disorders. Some examples include psychodynamic therapy and cognitive therapy. So, for example, if somebody is depressed, cognitive therapy would examine the pattern of negative thoughts that cause depression (“My girlfriend never calls…she must be cheating…i am so worthless…”).