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4-17 of 20 Feel Unconditional Love With God, Counseling Psychotherapy Training


4-17 of 20 Feel Unconditional Love with God, Counseling Psychotherapy Training – Learn to feel unconditional love, and unconditionally loving in your life by feeling unconditionally loved by God, your Best Mom, Best Dad, ideal adult using…


Ongoing & Upcoming Attractions: Week of April 23-29, 2014

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Family Counseling Services Veterans' Self-Help Group – FCS Agency office, 210 N. Longwood St. 6-7 p.m. every Tuesday. Self-guided, self-help …. Spectrum of Rockford – Harmony Center for Holistic Psychotherapy, 6625 N. Second St., Loves Park. Various …
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A Cultural Look at Body Bashing

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In my psychotherapy practice I have worked with clients as young as 6 years old, who are already obsessed with calories, carbs and getting fat. …. Andrea Wachter is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Soquel, California.
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Travel Counsellors – Company Overview


Travel Counsellors – Company Overview – Travel Counsellors is an Award Winning Travel Agent. We take time to understand our customers, providing you with the highest levels of personal service, car…


Counselling sessions for staff and pupils at St Michael's School

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Meanwhile, counselling sessions continue for staff and pupils since the death of 14-year-old inmate Brandon Hargreaves on April 8. He fell at the institution while “horse-playing”, Brandon was rushed to St James Medical Centre and Port of Spain General …
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Bankers back financial counsellors amid budget cut fears

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The financial counselling sector is concerned a $ 20 million program that's more than 20 years old will be hit with budget cuts this year. Its fears have been fuelled by the Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews' refusal to meet it, something other …
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Are the True Values of Marriages Dead?

Question by LIL ؃ƒãƒØ: Are the true values of marriages dead?
Why is it so many families these days are falling apart and divorcing?

I don’t get it?

Any ideas??
camM amazing

Best answer:

Answer by Lily
Men can’t say no to the the hot girls in the office that will drop their panties on a dime.

My idea… never live with a man before marriage, know how to use birth control (there is no such thing as an accidental pregnancy). While dating if you bf strays…. stop dating him.

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Christian Couples Counselors Jesse Melva Johnson – Christian Marriage counseling help from Beverly Hills Christian Michigan marriage counselors Jesse and Melva Johnson talk about how a husband subscriber from…


Tori Spelling Blindsided As Cheater Dean Threatens Divorce: 'He's Tired Of



CLINT EASTWOOD’s Wife DINA Enters Rehab – For more celebrity news, gossip and videos subscribe to CELEBTV at: You know her as the neurotic, overprotective mom, Mrs. Eastwood,…


Montgomery-area support groups

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A Wetumpka Alzheimer's and dementia caregivers' support group meets at Wetumpka Health and Rehab, 1825 Holtville Road, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month. Group is for caregivers and family members of those affected by Alzheimer's …
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Tico hero Carlos Arredondo back at the Boston Marathon The Cowboy Hat Hero

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Haslet lost her left leg in the terrorist attack, and used scuba diving in Costa Rica as a form of rehab. The group were among … while he served in Iraq. The younger son died by suicide in 2011, after years of dealing with depression over the loss of …
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Jim O’Connor – Clearday Consulting: Relationship Counsellor


Jim O’Connor – Clearday Consulting: Relationship Counsellor – Jim O’Connor is the founder and principal coach and therapist at Clear Day Consulting. Clear Day Consulting is the result of over 15 years of University stud…


Two is really company for childless couples

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In Ireland, the latest census shows 344,944 child-free couples (married or cohabiting and the woman is aged under 45). Counselling psychologist, Sally O'Reilly, says the happiness of these couples will depend on whether they are child-free by choice or …
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'Family is not dead and buried'

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… per cent refrained from responding. The survey, which was carried out in December, before the Civil Unions Bill allowed gay couples to tie the knot, exposes confusion in people's minds with 31.5 per cent believing that Maltese law had already …
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What’s “Bad Counseling” ?

Question by : What’s “bad counseling” ?
What would you consider “bad counseling”? Have you ever had an experience with a counselor/therapist/psychiatrist where you thought: “hey, that was pretty bad!” ??
Thank-you both for your answers… Are some counselors purposely ‘bad’ to keep buisness going, perhaps? The best counselor I had was free of charge and it has me wondering…

Best answer:

Answer by Shefali Batra MD
Bad counseling is the opposite of ‘god counseling’. A good counselor helps the client to help him or herself. A bad counselor may not be able to address the core problem and side track the main issue. Bad counselors may get judgmental and offer their own personal opinions and beliefs. They may not use the counselor pre requisites of empathy, positive regard for clients and they may not be able to help them to help themselves. They may also arouse dependence in their clients and it may be a technique to raise their own self esteem through the dependence.
Beware of bad counselors!
I’m a psychiatrist and counselor myself so I am aware of the theory behind being bad!