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Depression, Bi-Polar,Suicidal.?

Question by Jeremy: depression, bi-polar,suicidal.?
I haven’t been to any doctor to diagnose me but i know that i have all three conditions. I need to know if there is something else that i can do other than go to a doctor. my family has a psychiatrist that my sister and brother use alot, but i don’t want my parents to know i have any of these conditions. i hide it well around them and its not hard cause there are 4 children in my family and two are on medical drugs for anxiety and the other for anger. they dont have time for me and i need a suggestion.

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Answer by mike p
Hmm, well of course the doctor would be the best bet, if not try to find a blog site or something like it that talks about how to beat depression. I know that talks about it a lot, and how it relates to living life, maybe that will help. Good luck.

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