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Depression: (4) the Best Treatment for Depression


Depression: (4) The Best Treatment for Depression – Comparison of treatments for depression.Both medications and psychotherapy have been shown to help alleviate depressive symptoms. Surprisingly therapy may ha…


British doctors start prescribing books to help treat depression, anxiety and

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Doctors have been prescribing books to help treat patients with depression in hopes that reading will help them find connections. Under a new program that launched in June by Britain's National Health Service, primary care physicians may recommend …
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Depression by overactive immune system

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“What is very clear from my research is that an overactive immune system attacks the brains influences and in that case a very physical cause of the depression. This sheds new light on the treatment of patients with chronic inflammatory diseases such …
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Magnetic pulses used to treat depression

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The Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region's chief psychiatrist has received positive feedback from patients he has treated for depression with a technique that uses magnetic pulses to stimulate the brain. Since November, Dr. Dhanapal Natarajan has been using …
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