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Define “Pop-Psychologist”?

Question by OrangeCat: Define “Pop-Psychologist”?

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Answer by constantreader
For me, these folks are the ones whose boffo trendy concepts turn into books…their authors are on the AM and PM info-lite talk and news shows, and they generally have a pretty short shelf-life. Remembering their names, unless you’re a bookseller, isn’t all that easy. There’s Alex Comfort and Deepak Whatsit, and the Dr. Laura’s and the little Dr. Ruth’s…all ready to save everyone and make a few bucks along the way. The “pop” is similar to the same term used for Andy Warhol and Peter Max…for art or psychology, “pop” is what sells, because it is briefly pop-ular. Trends, not science…quick-fixes, no solutions. Fun for fans, great for their wallets…and always a new one waiting in the wings.

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