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Define “Addiction” in Your Own Way?

Question by Unknown Person: Define “Addiction” in your own way?
How would you define the word “addiction”?

Best answer:

Answer by perfume.addict
‘i cannot live without it!’

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Healing for drug addiction must come from community – Martin

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He said despite the statistics, the real cost of substance abuse is measured in the numbers of young people “who become trapped on a false path which at first sight seems to offer happiness and spirit but which in the long run only leads to a path of …
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Firms face up to staff with alcohol and substance abuse problems

Filed under: substance abuse addiction

Paul Quain, Partner at GQ Employment Law, comments, 'Managing staff with alcohol or drug addiction problems can be a very significant issue for City employers'. 'Addiction to drugs and alcohol can be widespread in the City because the staff work long …
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