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Coping With Depression and Anxiety Through Ayurveda by Dr. Vipul Khira Part 2


Coping With Depression And Anxiety Through Ayurveda By Dr. Vipul Khira Part 2 – This video is a talk by Dr. Vipul Khira at HELP on 4th-June-12. Topic “Coping With Depression And Anxiety”. This is part of the HELP Talk series at HELP, Hea…


Canadian research teams lead charge in companion depression treatments

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An estimated eight per cent of Canadians will suffer a major bout of depression in their lifetime and four to five per cent of Canadians deal with clinical depression in any given year. The last few decades have brought an influx of effective …
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Young Readers' Edition: Anorexia is about more than just the food

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Looking back, it seems trivial and if it happened now perhaps I'd cope better on the surface. I was just eight at the time. I didn't tell anyone. I couldn't. I was so used to being strong and coping alone, while my parents were too busy with their own …
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Sergeant major Fort Bliss overcomes injuries through cycling

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“We all have a coping mechanism that we need to discover,” Hochstedler said. “Mine happens to be bicycling. You just have to figure out what it is. “I've seen guys killed, guys blown up,” Hochstedler added. … Instead, that toughness and perseverance …
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6 Things Not To Say To Someone With Depression

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"It's best not to say anything that is going to make them think that what they're dealing with is because of a lack of coping skills, personal weakness or a character flaw," Kaplin tells The Huffington Post. "The worst part of depression is that it …
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