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Christians, What Do You Think Causes Homosexuality?

Question by Jayden’s ?mommy?: Christians, what do you think causes homosexuality?
Is it… GENES>???

Dr. Neil Whitehead and Briar Whitehead state regarding various cultures: “If homosexuality were significantly influenced by genes, it would appear in every culture, but in twenty-nine of seventy-nine cultures surveyed by Ford and Beach in 1952, homosexuality was rare or absent.”

So it’s NOT genes…

Could it be, sexual abuse…

In research with 942 nonclinical adult participants, gay men and lesbian women reported a significantly higher rate of childhood molestation than did heterosexual men and women. Forty-six percent of the homosexual men in contrast to 7% of the heterosexual men reported homosexual molestation. Twenty-two percent of lesbian women in contrast to 1% of heterosexual women reported homosexual molestation. This research is apparently the first survey that has reported substantial homosexual molestation of girls.

OR drug abuse?

The recent medical literature states the homosexual men and lesbians in the United States have significantly higher rates of cigarette smoking than heterosexuals.

And, what is the CURE?

In 1980 a study was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry which stated that eleven former homosexual men became heterosexuals “without explicit treatment and/or long-term psychotherapy” through their participation in a Pentecostal church.

Best answer:

Answer by Fireball
temptations from Satan who moves in on confused ppl. Ive seen it happen with a friend..

cousnseling and conversion and changing

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