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Can’t Find Enough Info Online. Can Someone Explain to Me How a Hypervigilant Wife Would Treat Her Husband? ?

Question by Eccentric Dad: Can’t find enough info online. Can someone explain to me how a hypervigilant wife would treat her husband? ?
Assuming that the husband was doing nothing to intentionally harm his wife, what kind of behavior would a person who was being hypervigilant have? My wife’s parents participated in domestic violence a lot when she was a kid. She calls her parents “alcoholics” and she explains their relationship as “they hated each other”. But I am nothing like her father. I sincerely love my wife. So what can be done about hypervigilance and in what other ways can this manifest besides her constant defensiveness against men (mainly me).

Best answer:

Answer by Yethrius
From what I could find, hypervigilance is often an effect of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) which is likely something someone with abusive parents would have. Hypervigilance is a condition in which people’s senses are elevated with the intent of detecting threats in their environment. Her behavior would probably seem to be indicative of paranoia. She may be overly cautious, or defensive. As far as treatment, it sounds like something that PTSD medication would work well with.

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