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Am I Dealing With Grief Badly?

Question by Meg: Am I dealing with grief badly?
Two days ago I lost my grandfather, who was very close to me. His wife, my wonderful grandmother, died six months ago as well, and I find that I’m having a hard time coping with their passing. I haven’t been hungry since I was told of my grandfather’s death and whenever I do eat, I feel like I’m about to be ill. It’s getting harder to convince myself to eat, and I’m getting worried. I have had a history with eating disorders and I’m worried about relapsing. Is this just a normal stage of the grieving process, or should I talk to someone?

Best answer:

Answer by casimirforce
I agree, you should consult with a therapist to help you through the grieving process and prevent your relapse.

As far as grieving “badly” – don’t judge how you grieve. Grief is so personal. Everyone grieves differently – there is no “right” or “wrong” way to grieve.

You will miss your grandparents for a long, long time. Over time, the pain of their passings will not be as sharp. But don’t be surprised if you still get teary for the next few Christmases for example. That’s perfectly okay.

Do know that your grandparents would prefer that you don’t endanger yourself grieving for them. They wouldn’t want that, so one way you can honor them is to not start with the eating disorder to commemorate their deaths. Okay?

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