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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Recovery Part 5-8th-9th Steps


Alcohol and Drug Rehab Recovery Part 5-8th-9th Steps – From addiction to recovery “Faith without Works Is Dead” In step 8 we make a list of people we’ve harmed and become willing to make amends to them all. Step …


Patients speed through recovery at new rehab center

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March 27– A 101- year-old man fell at his home in Palm Beach, and doctors said he would never walk again. They were wrong– he is walking thanks to a new $ 30 million, short-term rehabilitation therapy facility in West Palm Beach. That includes a NASA- …
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Columbus Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces New Long-Term Residential

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People in Columbus, through getting involved in their own recovery process, learn skills and techniques so they can leave their drug use in the past. At first, the facility's medical staff will take an incoming client and perform a thorough medical …