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Addiction Treatment Centers – Discover how to choose the best Addiction Treatment Centers and Drug Rehab Center. This decision could be the most impor…


Judge reduces bond for woman accused of murdering infant daughter

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A 24-year-old woman accused of second-degree murder in the death of her infant daughter posted bond and was released from the Boone County Jail on Wednesday, two days after a judge agreed to reduce her bond from $ 1 million cash. Anna E. Steele was …
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VIDEO: Hawaii House has busy second crossover day

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SB2288 SD2 HD1 amends or repeals various provisions of Chapter 302A, Hawaii Revised Statutes, governing the Department of Education, for housekeeping and other purposes. McDermott's amendments read, in part: The legislature finds that the department of …
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Holly Smith, Author of Walking Prey and Sex Trafficking Survivor, Shares

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I felt ashamed by it and kept it a secret; as a result, I failed to make many healthy friends and I struggled with bad relationships and substance abuse. Things really turned around for me in my late 20s: I moved to Virginia, met my husband, and met …
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