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Addiction & Families – Heather & Travis


Addiction & Families – Heather & Travis – In this episode Heather, a beautiful, soft-spoken young woman, shares how drug…


Tri-Community Coalition advocates for awareness of prescription drug use

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He got addicted to Ritalin after being introduced to it by a friend, and eventually moved on to several other prescription drugs before getting into cocaine and crystal meth. “I was chasing a high I would never get again,” he said. That chase is what …


Stolen motorcycle recovered from motel room

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After a large group of residents from the Meridian Community attended last month's Cumberland County Commission meeting to voice concerns regarding the possible opening of a transitional living house for women who are recovering from drug addiction, …
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Experts say early drug use leads to more significant effects

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Brian Thompson of Topeka is a recovered drug addict. Thompson said, “They always ask you, growing up, what … That fun experience led him to many other drugs, including alcohol, ecstasy, meth, and cocaine. Many refer to marijuana as a gateway drug …
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Issue 84: Fire Behavior

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There were the groups who'd come to help—the Red Cross, Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery, the Salvation Army—as well as the local, state, and federal law enforcement officers tasked with figuring out who to blame. At one point there were seventy ATF …
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